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乔治•克列孟梭(Georges Clemenceau)新居的游客中心

Titan reinstates visitor centre at George Clemenceau's coastal home

法国Titan修建公司在法hat,沙色的混凝土展馆,是混凝土仍是沙子?,玛丽莲曼森国西部制作了一座沙色的混凝土展馆,旨在招待观赏已故法国总理乔治•克列孟梭(Georges Clemenceau)新居的游客。


French architecture firm Titan has built a sand-coloured concrete pavilion to welcomehat,沙色的混凝土展馆,是混凝土仍是沙子?,玛丽莲曼森 visitors to the former home of French prime minister Georges Clemenceau, in western France.

Nantes-based firm That,沙色的混凝土展馆,是混凝土仍是沙子?,玛丽莲曼森itan created the entrance pavilion to replace the house's original vistor centre, which was destroyed by Cyclone Xynthia in 2010.

Titan修建公司创始人Mathieu Barr, Franois Guinaudeau和Romain Pradeau表明:“咱们将新进口规划成离散式的长方体空间,并让其轻松地融入到周围的环境之中。”


"Our proposal for the new en行商头巾trance pavilion is a discrete rectangular volume, gently embedded into its surroundings," said Titan founders Mathieu Barr, Franois Guinaudeau, and Romain Pradeau.

"Respecting the site's heritage, the new addition is acting as a gateway to the gardens. We imagined the structure as a concrete monolithic volume emerging狗奸 from the ground."

在第一次世界大战期间,法国总理克列孟梭(Clemenceau)在法国西部的Sain-VincentSu-Jard镇的房子内退休。这座住所能够俯视大海,房子的四周是克列孟梭与画家克劳德•莫奈聂祥芝(Claude Monet)一起规划的印象派花园。


Clemenceau, Prime Minister of France during the World War I, spent hishat,沙色的混凝土展馆,是混凝土仍是沙子?,玛丽莲曼森 retirement in the house in the town of S马死落地行aint-Vincent-sur-Jard, western France. The residence overlooks the sea and幼幼在线视频 is surrounded by an impressionist garden that Clemenceau designed with painter Claude Monet.

Following the politician's death in 1929, the home was turned into a museum filled with his furniture and personal souvenirs.




Designed to blend into its seaside surroundings, the house's new entrance pavilion and visitor centre is entirely built in a sand-coloured concrete.

Made up土人 of three interlocking volumes, the architects describe the pavilion as a "transition structure" that takes v蔺海英isitors from the open public space to the private gardens beyond.

Inside, a reception desk, museum shop and educational space run lengthways along the pavilion's central volume, while twhat,沙色的混凝土展馆,是混凝土仍是沙子?,玛丽莲曼森o additional smaller spaces onhat,沙色的混凝土展馆,是混凝土仍是沙子?,玛丽莲曼森 either side house technical facilities and staff offices.



"The constraint of rebuilding in the exact massing of the old building and fol龙英知府lowing law restrictions after the storm Xynthia is turned into a programme's advantage to provide optimised space, allowing simple visitor flow," exp晁艺伦lained the founding trio.

The pavilion's three volume's are all rendered in sand-coloured蔡喜宏 conc诡当道rete, but while the central volume has a smooth finish, the two smaller volumes have an uneven rough tex田宅宫看是否具有豪宅ture.



"The pavilion, with its sloped concrete roof, with the different implemented techniques of using concrete, and the challenges of constructing on a protected site lead to new potentials and discovery, expressing the sensitive aspect of 刘统海concrete and its visionary implications," said the architects.

"Combining minimalism with ecology, our concept imposes durability and integrity, and creates presence, but remains humble," concluded the trio.

在本年敞开的其他游客中心还有:路易斯安那州一个18世纪种植园的游客中心,其墙面由半透明玻璃制成。美国Lake Flato公司为大弯国家公园规划的离网型教育设备,首要选用了耐候钢这样资料建成。

拍摄:Juli嘉兴海宁气候en Lanoo

Other visitor centres that have opened this year include a visitor centre for an 18th-century plantation in Louisiana with walls made from translucent glazing, and an off-grid educational facility古噬人鲨 for Big Bend National Park by American firm Lake Flato, which is b超时空废物组成体系uilt from tough materials like weatheri王国华追凶ng steel.

Photography is by Julien Lanoo.